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What is Boston Tech Deals?

Boston Tech Deals is a bimonthly newsletter aggregating Boston’s tech financings from a combination of publicly available sources sent straight to your inbox every Tuesday morning. In each issue I’ll include other stories and features relevant to the Boston tech communities with the intention of providing new frameworks, exclusives, or companies to add to your radar.

For the most part, I’ll spare you Boston’s hefty (those $50M or more) biotech fundings as those are well-covered by other frequent publications, but otherwise, expect to have it all covered (and if you know something I don’t, you know what to do 📩).

Who’s writing it?

As this is my first-ever publication, I suppose an introduction is warranted. So, hi! I’m Abigail. I’m on the investment team alongside a group of incredible individuals at Hyperplane, an early-stage venture capital fund in Boston. Since 2015, the team has been investing in B2B applications of novel AI/ML and automation technology. By way of academic training, I’m a mechanical engineer. In college, I was focused primarily on medical devices, namely, prosthetic and orthopedic robotics. My first full-time gig was at iRobot, testing and iterating on new renditions of robotic home products. Reflecting on this past year at Hyperplane, I have found myself drawn to the industries of healthcare and supply chains. That said, I would consider myself a pretty obsessively curious person (oftentimes relentlessly so) and have truly enjoyed evaluating early-stage companies regardless of the vertical.

I’m a cycling instructor for the Equinox Boston studios, and am constantly tracking my workouts of all kinds (running, cycling, Barry’s Bootcamp, Solidcore, CorePower, MyStryde, Peloton) on Strava (@abigailrisse if you’re so inclined)!

I’m writing a newsletter for the Boston tech community for a couple of reasons. The principal reason is to promote broad accessibility to the curated happenings relevant to the local tech community. I could not find a ground source of truth for the succinct aggregation of local tech news, and so, I figured, why not spin something up myself? Cue Nick, stage right.

Disclaimer: I fully expect that there will be things I miss. When it happens, please shoot me a response to this email. And similarly, if there’s something you think is worth amplifying about Boston tech in subsequent issues, reply to this email! More on this at the bottom.

And so, with that, let’s get into it.

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early stage healthcare investor and mechanical engineer writing about Boston's startup financings every two weeks 🌱 🏙 📈 find me on strava and twitter (: